What is the current best option for keeping OO Mac and OO iPhone in sync?

I love OO, but only if Mac/iPhone syncing is rock solid even if I make offline changes on one device. My folder is littered with “conflict X from …” copies, which says that syncing has never been rock solid. This morning I noticed that my outlines are not keeping in sync. It seems that on the Mac side it lost track of the OmniPresence folder, maybe when I upgraded to Monterey. I didn’t move the folder or rename it. I don’t know whether to choose (a) “Restore this folder from the cloud” or (b) “Disconnect it from Synced Folders” (or (c) switch to a different sync platform like iCloud). I’m guessing either way I’ll lose some edits.

If you don’t get a useful answer here, you might consider contacting omni’s support.

Ok, I contacted support. OmniPresence isn’t capable of merging changes, so I had to set aside (rename) my existing local folder and let the server recreate the local folder. Actually in this case it wasn’t too painful as I had only made changes in one file since syncing ceased a couple weeks ago.

I’m still using Omni’s sync server for storage. Do y’all think it’s best to switch to iCloud? I’m thinking it doesn’t matter much since in both cases it’s managed by OmniPresence, right?

I don’t use any current versions. My ipad is an ipad3 (running ios9) and won’t even run the version of OO that was designed to run on it so I can’t sync anything at all.

FWIW, omni generally announces when they are changing something and tries to deal with any issues that arise. I find that apple rarely does and I’ve had myriad difficulties with apple stuff syncing the way I want it to so I would lean towards the omni solution but everyone’s mileage will vary.

I use iCloud syncing and rarely get conflicts. But it does happen, so I try to be fairly careful to upload/close the document I’ve been working on and give OO a chance to download things before starting on another device. The issue is rarely the mac, more my iPad where iCloud files (generally) aren’t downloaded until you open the file for editing—so if you’re offline, you might end up editing an older file and cause conflicts when you’re next online.

IIRC when you use iCloud you’re not using OmniPresence - it’s all on Apple’s backend.