What is the difference between Review and Repeat?

Newb to GTD so thanks for your patience, but have been using OF2 for a little while. What is the difference in purpose between Review and Repeat intervals?

For example, I’m setting up my “GTD Weekly Review” tasks I want to do at the end of each week.

Maybe I’m getting confused with “review” as a word since it’s used in my Project name too :) but I just don’t understand how I should correctly set up my Review & Repeat intervals for my GTD Weekly Review. Help?

Repeat refers to the frequency with which your projects or actions become available or due.

Review refers to the frequency with which you want the projects and actions to appear in the Review perspective built into OF.

So your actions could repeat multiple times before you actually mark them as “reviewed.” I use intervals between 1 day and 6 months for my review intervals, depending upon the frequency of change in the project.