What is the name of the color for tasks with subtasks?

In project views, when an item has subitems, the color of the item is bolded and a shade of gray.

If I wanted to adjust the color of this using the OmniFocusColors utility, what is the name of that particular property? There are a lot of properties and I can’t seem to find the right one…

There is not one :( Please email support to vote for it having one defined!


Hey @StrawberriePie! Action Group parents are considered “blocked” in the model so the key that will change the color is titled “Content: blocked” :

I’d suggest a different color than is shown there :) Hope that helps!

Note: This affects other blocked items as well (e.g. items deferred in the future). If you’d like a specific key for action groups, please take @deturbulence’s advice and let our Support Humans know! (omnifocus@omnigroup.com)

OK, got it; changing the “blocked” property did the trick. Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the suggestion about requesting more specific keys. Currently this particularly case is good enough for me, but I think I will have some requests about some other properties.