What is the purpose of the Status of a Context?

I am a new OmniFocus user, still getting the hang of things.

I understand the basic concept of a context, but am not sure what the purpose of the status of a context is.

The template came with a ‘Waiting’ context with its status set to ‘On Hold’.

Does that interact at all with a project or action due date? (It does not seem to)

Also, what would you use a context with a ‘Dropped’ status for?

I realize from the documentation that there are many different ways to use contexts in OmniFocus. Maybe folks could chime in with how or what they use the status of a context for.

Thank you!

Tasks associated with an ‘On hold’ context don’t show up in any of your available next actions lists, which is exactly what you want for items you’re waiting for, or someday/maybe items, since there’s no action to take right now.

Setting a context to ‘dropped’ is similar to deleting it, except it doesn’t actually remove it, so if you look at any previously completed actions which were associated with that context, you’ll still be able to see that association. You wouldn’t be able to see if it you deleted that context entirely from your system.


Thank you for the explanation!

Sometimes I’ll hit pause on job-related contexts when I’m finished for the week on Friday.

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