What is the user intention behind the different coloured circles?

I’m a bit confused around the colours that the different circles in each task represent.

Red means urgent and ovedue, yellow mean ‘due soon’ - so far so good.

When flagging tasks this also make the upper part orange if overdue or due soon and fully orange if neither overdue or due soon. This isn’t very intuitive to me - and I feel that flagged should have a less eye catching colour at least?

Also - can availble tasks have a more eye catchin colour such as green or blue rather than grey?

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This color scheme was first introduced in OmniFocus 2 for iPhone. Orange is a flagged task. A circle with half red and half orange means it is a flagged task that is due.

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A much better idea would be having a separate flag for flagged items! cough ;-)

Alas, I don’t think major design changes are in the ballpark for 2.0… generally, I actually like the new circular idea- it’s some fresh air to the old flag- why it is still called “flagging” and displays a flag instead of a circle is what puzzles me

Why couldn’t they just put a flag icon inside the circle?

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One difficulty is that recurring tasks have an ellipsis inside the circle.

Mentioned in the other thread. For flagged repeating tasks you could put the repeat indicator outside the circle. E.g. O… then you could put the flag in the middle.

Flagging really needs to be there or not there, a botched and hard to differentiate colour change doesn’t cut it.

There has to be a better solution than the one we have at the moment.

We have a different solution in mind, but haven’t got it done yet.


Great to hear that. :-)

v2 has essentially created a new language which users have to learn in order to understand the combinations of circular symbols. Red and orange kind of blend together in the split circles as well.

v1 was perfect for flagging… click the flag and it shows, independent of status. Having flags in a separate column made it so easy to visually identify flagged tasks. Maybe an orange border on the left/right would at least make them stand out.

Also, I just noticed that projects have NO indicator when they are flagged.

Can anyone explain the design principles around the colored circles? No snark here. They just seem oversized in relation to the type. Maybe I’ll like them better if I understand the thinking behind their creation and use.