What is your most useful "perspective"?

I am new to OmniFocus and trying to set up some perspectives. I have been browsing various sources to get an idea of what kind of perspective that would help me.

Please share your most frequently used OR favorite perspective in OmniFocus.


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There are a few perspectives that are discussed in Asian Efficiency’s OmniFocus Premium Posts and Dini’s Creating Flow with OmniFocus.

Well worth the money. I’m hearing that they’re updating their ebooks now and should be released sometime in the future.

I think it’s kinda hard to have a “most useful” perspective. It depends on your needs. I have a list of perspectives that works together in my workflow. I’m in the midst of documenting my workflow now but I don’t have anything ready.

Both of the above ebooks have workflows that shows you how they use their perspectives.

But now my favourite one is my “Do Today” perspective. It shows all due or flagged task. I flag certain tasks to show up in this perspective. First, I work on any due or due soon tasks. Then I work on flagged tasks. But I only flag a small handful of tasks to work on.


My most useful perspective is the one selected by ‘SmartPerspective’, a variation of the script created by @brandon. You can find it and read more about it [here][1].

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I created this “important today” perspective just today using the same filters. Love it.

<img src="/uploads/default/629/1f77c3a248fa1351.png" width=“261” height="500”>

I can run this list a couple times a day, knock off a few quickies, and be reminded of bigger things that need doing.

I also heavily use a single Project Perspective when I need to get down to work on my computer for a particular project, but mostly I use Context Perspectives.


@hbar, some inspiration for you, in the form of a new blog post, by David Sparks.

update: …you might like this other one, by Brett Kelly, too.


I have a perspective called ‘First Thing’ that takes me through my morning routine before I head to work. I was getting overwhelmed by OmniFocus early in the morning when my brain doesn’t work yet. I didn’t want to have to sift through things to figure out what was for home this morning. The perspective includes daily morning tasks like feeding the cat, brushing my teeth, weighing myself, doing my morning meditation, and other grooming habits like cutting my nails! This may seem like overkill to some to have such minutae of my life as tasks but I have found it very useful in keeping me plugged into OmniFocus and using it throughout my day.

This only shows items that are set to the context ‘Home’ (for something done at home) or ‘Computer : Home’ (for things done at my computer at home). That’s it. This only shows items due this morning so it filters out all non-essential stuff. If I am at work and think of something I need to remember to bring to the office tomorrow I simply create a task with a context for home that is due in the morning. This will simply insert it into my routine.

This way all I do is grab my phone in the morning and open the ‘First thing’ perspective and leads me through everything I need to do before leaving for work. I never have to think about anything!

I have a second perspective called ‘Arrive Office’ that serves a similar function for arriving at work. It takes me through my daily review including reviewing work projects for todays actions, checking my ‘Waiting’ folder for any items that need followup today, zeroing my OF inbox and any other urgent items that must be attended to that day, listed by due date.