What organizer app is more powerful than OmniFocus?

Ok, I’ll admit that the posed question is intended to garner attention. Here’s what OF cannot yet do as far as I know (version 4 beta on iPhone):

  • A perspective that, based on my current location, shows and hides tasks based on location tags. In my “Dashboard” perspective, for example, when I’m at work, I don’t want to see tasks tagged with “home-only” (a tag which has the appropriate location and radius), and vice versa.

In the year 2023, I shouldn’t need to tell OF where I am by choosing a particular perspective.

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In the year 2023 Omnifocus users should be able to press on an perspective icon “home” or “office”.


If this worked like I think it should, I would be free to make my perspectives location-agnostic and I still would not see tasks that cannot be done where I am. For example, “Due or Flagged”, “>2 hour time slot”, “Filler”, “Offline”, etc.