What stencils do you need THE MOST?

Hey guys,

I’ve been using Omnigraffle for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in designing stencils/graphics and feel like I can provide a service to many people with the things I can create. In any case, I was wondering what the community would like to see as far as stencils are concerned. What sorts of things would help make your life/workflow easier? What sorts of stencils could greatly increase efficiency or getting your point across in your specific industry? I’m talking practical things that make Omnigraffle your go-to program.

Some examples of things people may need (that I’m working on):

-Cutout Plumbers diagram, showcasing plumbing parts that slide together to help plumbers figure out what supplies they need:

More images below

I’ve got many more ideas ahead of me, but I wanted to see where I should focus so I can help the most amount of people.

Thanks for looking!



-Isometric Plumbing Diagram, showcasing an example plumbing layout:


-VPN Network Diagram:


-Modern Network Diagram, a new take on an classic diagram:


Davmi, where is that diagram/stencil from? Links to it?

Hi mralexgray,

It’s stencil that I custom made a while ago. I still have to file if you want it. Shoot me your email via private message.


Thanks for response. That would be great. Don’t quite see how to PM on here, so I’ll rely on obscurity over security… “myfirstname” at mrgray dot you know what… will reply to Whatever you send so you’ll know you got it right. ;-)


I know this post is crazy old, but what you’ve displayed here is actually what I need the most. High-level network design all the way to application flow and layer 1/2/3 connectivity, as well as plumbing fittings haha.

If you’re still working on stencils, I’d love to see what you’ve got.

I feel it would be important to have everything related to software up-to-date in Stenciltown, which they currently are not.

Everything related to:

  • DevOps
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • GCP

Much of the stuff is not been kept up-to-date, and I feel like I would need to start keeping some local stencil set that I would create based on icons I can find on the internet…