What's the best hack to use for recording conversations?

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Spam link above concealed as hyphen.

Best thing to do in those cases is just to flag the first post as spam. If several people do that and there are no replies the entire topic disappears from the list.

In principle, yes.

In practice, responses by site moderators are slow and patchy.

Many of those things are left in place for months, or just indefinitely, and accumulate rewarding numbers of views.

Even, perhaps surprisingly, link clicks.

FWIW moderators turn out to be more responsive to the Other popup choice than to the Spam option.

Are you sure that moderators need to intervene? I get the impression using the forum that after a certain number of flags a post gets hidden automatically. Sometimes I flag one and it disappears immediately, because others have done so already; other times I flag an item which I’m the first to read and it disappears a few hours later, presumably after other people flag it.

On one occasion, one of my replies got flagged and hidden, probably because people didn’t like my opinion. It reappeared several days later, I presume because moderators looked at it later and unhid it.

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