When is landscape coming to the 6+? [A: In TestFlight beta now.]

OF is the only app that I use on a regular basis with no landscape mode compatibiliy. I really am looking forward to landscape. Please tell me that’s coming soon.

Even if it didn’t have a sidebar and it just rescaled the content and showed fewer lines, I would be totally be cool with that. I use my 6+ as a laptop with a Bluetooth keyboard and it really interferes with my productivity. I debate whether I should make this topic but each time I have my phone and I’m sitting at a desk I just immediately get this “ugh” feeling as my workflow is totally interrupted by this (lack of a) feature.

I can’t be the only one. Again, not even any added functionality. Just the same thing in rotation.

After reading the Omni blog, it looks like the iPad app will become a universal app. I’m hoping to see 6 Plus support in that version. I’m gonna guess it will launch soon. With all the hoopla about the apple watch, I am guessing that many developers will be eager to push out something that furthers iPhone 6 plus support and apple watch support.

I am hoping the universal app will be out in the next two weeks!

Sadly, as much as I have the same hopes, I think that’s unrealistic considering that I don’t think the universal version has even entered beta testing yet – at least not outside of the Omni Group.

I’ve seen beta versions of the universal OmniPlan and OmniGraffle, but no OmniFocus.

According to @kcase on the Twitter, plan is to release this month, beta starting this week.



There was an invite to get into the private beta to help test the iOS versions in the Omni blog. This was about a month ago, I think. It looks like we’ll be seeing an official release fairly soon.

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Really looking forward to it! I bought both the iPhone version, iPad version, and Mac version. I asked iTunes Store to refund my iPhone version and they agreed they would. :)

Well, from what I can tell there’s probably no real advantage to getting a refund on the iPhone version, as Omni plans to release an “upgrade bundle” that will basically give you the new universal app for the same price either way, as well as offering $10 rebate for those who bought both in the first place.

I guess getting the iPhone version refunded would probably save you $10 more, now that I think about it, but that’s also only because you’ve already bought the iPad version.

so just to be clear, i can buy the iphone omnifocus app right now, and then upgrade to the universal app for $20?

I don’t have the iPad Omnifocus.

So that means my total cost would be $40, the same as the Universal app when it launches, right?

The most direct path is to get the iPad app. The iPad app will become a Universal app.

The iPhone app will still be updated for a little while longer but will not have the ability to get the in-app purchase for the “Pro” features.

If you do buy the iPhone app, Omnigroup will offer a special “bundle” package that will just cost the difference of the iPad and the iPhone app. The bundle package is a neat workaround to provide an “upgrade” from the iPhone app to the iPad app.

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i don’t have an iPad, so the most direct route for me would be the iphone app and then upgrade with the bundle

The way it works is that it will be bundled in such a way that you get the difference between what you’ve paid and $40

If you bought nothing, it will cost $40
If you bought the iPhone app ($20) it will cost you $20 to complete your bundle
If you bought the iPad app ($40) it will cost you $0 to complete the bundle
If you bought both ($50), they will send you a $10 check

I talked to a guy from OmniFocus though and he didn’t have a release date.


I don’t know. The new “Universal” app is basically the iPad app, so buying the iPhone app which is basically deprecated at this point seems the wrong approach.

I’d probably just wait for the 2.1 version to come out. It’s in beta now, so depending on when it’s ready it’s going to be what you’d want to buy.

So according to this post: http://www.omnigroup.com/blog/omni-productivity-pack-coming-to-iphone

You would not be losing value. Nothing is depreciating, you would get that iPhone app price off of the universal app. So you can spend $20 now on the iPhone and $20 on he universal when it comes out or $40 on the universal (which is the price of you didn’t buy the app). Your choice.

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hmm, the iPad app is only $30, so wouldn’t it be better if people buy the iPad app right now for $30 and wait for the free upgrade.

So there’s 10 bucks savings right there.

You also need to get the in-app upgrade to get the “pro” features.

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