When will we reliably be able to archive manually?

Here is the problem:

  • Create a top-level folder called Top Level
  • Create a sub-folder called Sub-Folder
  • Create a Project called Test
  • Populate the Project with a bunch of actions
  • Mark all Actions completed so the Project is completed
  • Open the Archive database
  • In the Archive, create the Top Level and Sub-Folder folders to mirror the Active database
  • Try to Drag + Drop the Project Test from the Active database to the Archive database. Try to put it inside the proper Top Level : Sub-Folder folder

—> In my case, after I drag + drop, the Project Test is NOT visible in the Archive database. I must toggle the View options to get the Project Test to display. IOW, the Project Test gets “lost”. This happens when the Archive database is first opened. I have done multiple drag+drop processes for the same Project, only then to end with multiple copies of the same Project in the Archive because of this bug.
—> The Top Level and Sub-Folder hierarchy is not retained. The Project Test drops in at the top level. Two new Folders are created at the top level, Top Level and Sub-Folder. I have NEVER been able to get this to work properly!

I reported this problem probably 2-3 years ago with OF1 on the Forum and also by email to support. I am absolutely frustrated that this problem still has not been fixed. So, I report it again here and have sent it to the support email.