Where can I set the start date in OF2? [A: now 'defer date']

Hello, I am relatively new to OF2, and I couldn’t seem to find out where to set the start date. Could anyone be so kind to point it out please? Or maybe it’s no longer possible to set a start date in OF2?

Thanks a whole bunch!

Start date has been renamed as “deferred date.” It’s the same thing, and operates identically.


What used to be called “Start Date” is now called “Defer Date” in OmniFocus 2.

If you click on an action, and have the Inspector pane open on the right, you’ll see where to enter “Defer Until”.

Or, if you hover your mouse over the action, you’ll see where to enter the Defer Date in the second line of the action, on the right.


Thank you very much Rogbar and Catone! Brilliant! I can set up my tasks properly now. :) Thanks again!

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David Sparks (on your website) writes how he uses Start Date (now Defer) to hide what he doesn’t need to see yet. I must be missing something because even when I set my view to only show “Available” I still see my deferred tasks. Advice?

Hey David- that’s strange… I actually can only think of one reason for this

in settings, if You put this to “immediately” it should instantly disappear stuff upon changing the defer date to the future. You can also press cmd+k to invoke the cleanup manually, which is my favorite. Does this help?

@David I agree with @mat_rhein that the behavior you describe is puzzling. If @mat_rhein’s suggestion isn’t the answer, could you please post a screenshot of a misbehaving action?

Thank you, I think I have it now!