Where did alerts for "task available" go?

Am I imagining it or did OF used to alert me that a Deferred “task is now available”?

Obviously, it isn’t doing that now. Suddenly I find myself wishing it did. Anyone know if this is a removal of a feature, a bug, or my memory playing tricks on me?

It’s still doing that for me - just saw it happen this weekend as a deferred task became available.

(The alert appeared on my desktop - I didn’t see a similar alert on my iOS device.)

Current Notification Behavior
OmniFocus 2 iOS notifications can alert you for the following things for date based reminders:

  1. Overdue
  2. Due Soon
  3. Flagged

You can pick any or all of these things and choose if you want to Show Alerts and Play Sounds separately. These options are under Settings, then tap Sounds, Alerts, and Badges.

Location based alerts show based on arriving at or leaving a location and they have a separate toggle for Show Alerts and Play Sound.

While you can’t set an alert currently for “task now available”, what you can do is go under “Today & Watch” in settings and check to show “Deferred Until Today” in your Today items, and then you can see them in the Forecast view on the day they become available. When I use this with custom watch face, I do get a preview of the items as they come available on the Glance.

Pro Only
If you are using a custom perspective, you might try adding a perspective that groups by Defer Date and sorts by Due to see if that is a workable solution for you, as it also allows you to filter by context and project/folder at the same time.

I added your feature request to add notification support for deferred items. Hopefully some of the other suggestions will be of use in the meantime. Good luck!

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Ah, it’s the desktop alerts I remember! I’m using an iPad primarily now.

It’s not a big deal - Forecast works great for me - but if it does make it in as a feature one day that would be great!

Thanks for the really detailed response.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. :-)