Where does a deleted item go? Trash Bin in Omnifocus?

Hello guys,

I am coming back to this forum only to ask how the process is with a “trash bin” in Omnifocus? Where do deleted items go? I still would like to have a trash bin. Make it possible please. Thanks. (other posts regarding this topic have been closed, therefore I am starting a new topic.) I am still hoping.

If you complete an item it remains in the OmniFocus database until it gets archived and removed after some period (weeks? months? I can’t remember).

But if you delete it it’s gone forever.

I guess the safest thing to do is never delete, just drop or complete instead.

(Until they add a trash bin…)

The real problem is: I am working with a multiscreen setup. So when the focus of my keyboard is accidentially on Omnifocus and I hit delete accidentially the project or task is gone forever, without me even noticing it. That is a huge problem for me for years. Neraly every app I know is asking me before I want to delete something or has a trash bin.

*but maybe the philosphy of Omnifocus is to let go accidentially delete tasks and projects and thus giving you the feeling you can achieve more with it ;-)

I agree this would be a useful addition.

Note that this forum is not the place to make requests. It’s primarily intended as a place for users of Omni’s products to chat with each other.

You can submit feature requests to the Omni Group by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu (Mac) or Settings (iPhone/iPad) or by emailing omnifocus@omnigroup.com.

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Thank you Tim. I emailed the support in the past many many times, even though they agreed with me nothing happened till than. I hope more people find this feature useful and could email the support regarding this request.

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Even Ken Case @kcase, CEO of The Omni Group, regarded the trash bin as a good idea back in December 2017 and said it was on their list:

Where does a deleted item go? iOs or Mac

But yes, all this was designed in v1.0 while OmniFocus was still a single-device app without any support for syncing—so, as noted above, we agree that a trash would be a great feature to add. (It’s on our list; we’ve just been very busy working on the many other things on that list! Fortunately, that list will get a lot shorter when we ship OmniFocus 3 this coming year.)

I have also lost tasks by mistake, and I haven’t always been able to find them in the backup files that Omnifocus automatically creates (which still are convenient for, among other things, finding earlier versions of notes to tasks). So it would be great if we could finally have a trash bin.


In the meantime, I’d love a confirmation dialog for the Delete command on projects, actions, and tags.

Over the years I’ve occasionally hit the backspace key and deleted something unintentionally. I noticed it and used ‘Undo’. However it remains a risk. You can delete a whole folder by accident if it’s the current selection (and I do love my nested folders!). There might be recent edits in what is deleted that haven’t been saved to a backup yet.

I rarely delete anything intentionally. I complete or drop actions/projects and they eventually get archived, or I rename existing actions. When I delete something it’s because I need to drastically restructure a group of actions.

Therefore a trash-can feature would be of limited value to me (especially relative to its large implementation effort). A confirmation dialog instead would be of great benefit to my peace of mind, since OF is mission-critical for me. If it might annoy some users by adding friction, it could be enabled by a ‘hidden’ URL preference. I realise it’s not a trivial thing to implement, but far less than a trash can.


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