Where is "Export > Selected Artboards"?

I’m enjoying the new Artboards feature, but it’s strange that one cannot select individual artboards to export. Omnigraffle has a similar pattern for exporting just selected objects, so it’s a let down that we always have to export all the artboards. If I have 50 icons on a canvas and I change just one of them, I have to export the whole set. Ugh. Would prefer to just select the artboard I want to export, and then select a “Export only selected artboards” option in the Export dialog.

I found today that if I use the export feature to create high resolution (1200 dpi) tiff files, I can easily put Omnigraffle into a state where it doesn’t have enough memory to export all of the artboards. It just silently exports only a subset of the files. No explanation. The only way to restore export functionality is to quit/re-launch OG. Shame to need to do that when I really only needed to re-export one of the artboards, yet doing all of them clearly contributes to what I am assuming is a memory problem. Anyhow, exporting selected artboards would be very useful even if this bug didn’t exist.

I thought the whole USP behind the “artboards” feature was its export capabilities being so advanced? Since I still think calling it ‘artboards’ in the first place is a misleading attempt to sell to PS, Sketch and Affinity customers expecting something totally different, the fact that it’s missing exporting selected art boards just makes it more frustrating. Maybe this will be added in OG8 when the OG6 stencil tool placement is reintroduced?

I fully agree with this request.

Being able to export only the selected artboards would be immensely useful.

What does the team think?
Is this something reasonable that could be added in the future?