Where is support for LinkBack?

I am curious. I use LinkBack with LaTeXiT in my applications. I have ongoing issues with it failing. AFAIK, support for Linkback is now with OmniGroup.

Presuming that I am right about LinkBack being at OmniGroup, where can I find help to troubleshoot my problems?


Sorry for the delay! My suggestion would be to create an issue against the LinkBack repository in github:

Hope that helps!

Did. Thank you.


Well, it seems the suggestion from @kcase to post support issues for LinkBack in its repository in GitHub is essentially worthless. No one has responded to my issue posted 3 months ago. No one has posted at the repository for over 2 years now.

So, the take home answer is … LinkBack has no support.

:-( :-( :-(


The issue has been resolved. The developer updated his LinkBack version. I did not know that it was not the most recent version. He did not know that LinkBack had been updated.


Thanks for reporting back. Glad it’s finally been resolved!