Where is the duration field?

Where is the task duration field in the iphone version of OF2? I’ve been entering it on the Mac version but cannot find it anywhere in the iPhone.

I would like to be able to:

  • Set a task duration on the iPhone
  • Change a task duration as required

I also periodically like to review what I estimated to be a task’s duration as I’m completing it so that I can better estimate in the future. Especially if it is a repeating task. Since I tend to check things off when I am out and about using my iPhone, it’s really a major disadvantage that I cannot see it at that time.


I don’t think you can see this on the iphone or ipad versions.

It seems to me like another case of feature inconsistency among platforms… :S

Guess you’d better use the Help > Contact Omni functionality to send them an email/report asking for this feature. :S


Feature requested. Though looking through the iPhone app store comments and the forums, I can see that I am far from the first one to ask for it.