Where is the project filter?

OF1 had a project filter I used to only review active projects, or see all dropped projects. Is there such a filter in OF2?

Yes, there certainly is! Create a custom perspective, and look in the “Filtering” section for the “Sidebar filtering” popup.

Hope this helps!

Somewhat but that’s not as easy as a drop down right at the top of the project list. This would mean creating different perspectives for each type of project filter.

If you only want to change the sidebar filtering, you can do that from the “Eye” button in the toolbar after you’ve created a custom perspective.

That is, first create a custom perspective. Then, while viewing that perspective, click the Eye button. Now you can change the sidebar filtering without creating any additional perspectives.

Does that help?

Yes, that helps, but what about the other sidebar views? For example, how can I do that in Review when that icon is disabled?

Review now has some View options.