Where is the ruler?

I am having problems in OO5Pro with text wrap (adding a tab wraps to the next line), but I can’t find the Ruler (it’s not where the help system says it is - under Format > Text > Show Ruler) to make adjustments. I have just a single column & there’s plenty of lateral space, but it wraps around anyway & I can’t figure out how to control it.

Very frustrating.

Tim King

Hi Tim,

In OmniOutliner Pro 5.0, reveal the column header by choosing View > Column Headers > Show from the menu. Now you should be able to adjust the column width by mousing over the right side of the column header until the drag cursor appears and click-dragging to the size you want.

Hope this helps, and as always our Support Humans are happy to help at support@omnigroup.com.


Another thought, since there is no ruler in current OmniOutliner versions, you may want to remove the old tab stops from the file completely. You can use the style attribute inspector to do this.

The column headers were already visible & there is plenty of room for additional tabs, but it wraps around anyway. I looked at the Style Attribute inspector & there is no indication of custom tab stops, so these must be the defaults (esp. since without a ruler, I don’t know how to set tab stops).

Also, if rulers have been removed from OO5, then it would be helpful for the help files to reflect that (rather than giving instructions that are no longer valid).

Tim King

Try placing the text cursor in one of the rows showing this issue and then look at the Style Attributes inspector. Most likely the tab stops were brought in by pasted content. Unless this is an old oo3 file that customized them. Depending if you have styles you want to preserve, you can select rows and use the Format > Clear Style command, possibly twice depending on existing styles, and see if that helps.

It sounds like the info you found was from the v3 help file that uses Apple’s help viewer and shows search results from the Help menu Search field. Unfortunately that search field will find old cached data to show. V5’s help is not searchable through that field.