Where is the Spelling Dictionary?

I placed a mis-spelled word into the spelling dictionary and it appears to only be attached to Omnioutliner 4. I did the same misspelling in TextEdit & Pages and this word did not get suggested, so there must be a dictionary somewhere for OmniOutliner but I can’t find it. And I can’t get any ‘Forget’ button in the spell checker window. Where is it, so I can remove the offending word?


Try this out, @Joniz: http://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/quick-tip-bulk-add-words-to-your-macs-spell-check-dictionary--mac-60820

I’ll double-check, but I’m fairly certain OmniOutliner doesn’t use an additional dictionary file.

Thanks. I tried that. The word’s not there, which is why I figured OO had its own maybe, along with the same spelling not showing up in the other apps.

Ha! I figured it out. Is is, in fact, an error in Apple’s spelling dictionary. I just didn’t see it before because when I tested the word, ‘neo-fascist,’ which spell-check says is spelled ‘neo-fasccst,’ I only tested with the word ‘fascist,’ which the spell-checker says is correct in TextEdit and Pages. Well the incorrect spelling is for the entire hyphenated word, ‘neo-fascist,’ which spell-checker says is wrong in OO, TextEdit, and Pages.

So, sorry, my mistake of Apple’s mistake by me mistaking it for OO4.

And for the record, I am not, nor do I espouse fascism, neo or otherwise. I am writing about Europe during the interwar years.