Where it's all headed

I posted this in the lounge because it doesn’t apply to one specific OmniApp, but to the OmniAppUniverse; and because it is not about a specific feature, but about the direction the Omni software is taking generally.

Does anyone else see this coming, or is it wishful thinking on my part…

Will Omni’s general development direction eventually lead to, for lack of a better way to put it, “cross app” documents, that is, one document type that any (or many) Omni apps can access, so that,

OmniFocus opens a document and you get things done as an individual.
OmniOutliner opens the same document and you get an outline and can see information more tabularly and organize and filter information.
OmniGraffle opens the document and you get a picture of what your information looks like in a graphical form, which helps you see the big picture.
OmniPlan opens the document and you get an enterprise level view to see how large projects and their resources are doing. (I could see a future where an OmniPlan administrator could push tasks to other individuals’ OmniFocus projects.)

Does anyone else see this coming? (or am I a Omnispiracy theorist?)