Where should we house reference material in OF

Hello all,

I am new to OF, but I know OF is suppose to handle tasks and not reference material. However, I would like to give it a shot as it seems to me so convenient to house nonactionable things from inbox to some place else in OF. Does anybody else here also use OF to store some references? If so, how do you do that? A project? A perspective?

Thanks in advance


Common favourites are DEVONthink, EagleFiler, EverNote… certainly in the first two you can create a link in the notes field to the folder in DT or EF so a quick click brings up related material.

Here are my two cents. You can attach a file to any task but if it’s really reference material (and not e.g. something you want to read someday but you’re not sure when) you probably don’t want it in a task manager, on the assumption that it’s useful for lots of different tasks down the line.

Also it’s easy to apply the inbox for capture/file later discipline elsewhere. I have an incoming articles folder in Dropbox where I save stuff that I don’t especially need to read right away but which to want to end up in my bibliographical database. Once a month or so, I’ll review it and file the contents. Anything I want to read in the near future also goes into OF. Think of the inbox approach as a practice which OF facilitates but which you can use for other purposes, rather than making the OF inbox do things it’s not really set up for.

@leo, if you really want to keep the reference material in OF, you might like to consider having a separate reference OF database. Here is some more information about that from an old thread:
Using two separate OF databases

DEVONthink is great for this sort of thing and the iOS app doesn’t suck anymore!

Thanks for all the responses. In fact, I liked the idea of having this
simple approach available at the link below, for now. I mean, Finder does
the job for archiving so I just would like to have a place for notes able
to interoperate with OF. Does anybody here do something similar to that?

  • I store all project-related reference items right in OF (actionable
    database), giving them a blocked context (which is not perfect but works
    for me better than alternatives I can think of)
  • I have several “reference-only” pseudo-projects, typically one for
    each of my “areas” of planning (eg each large segment of work; a child; a
    car; productivity & gadgets; health-and-fit etc)