Where to find the Omnifocus AppleScript reference?

I’m new to the AppleScript, and i try to find the AppleScript API of OmniFocus. But i can’t find it anywhare. Why there is not an official reference?

There’s some AppleScript reference available at Inside OmniFocus.

You could also investigate OmniFocus-specific terminology in the AppleScript dictionary: open AppleScript Editor, choose File ‣ Open Dictionary…, and select OmniFocus. I hope that helps!


I could not find a reference at that link. There are links to useful examples, but is there anywhere a published reference you can link to?

If you’re looking for general AppleScript reference, Mac OS X Automation is a good place to start. There are also many books available on the topic. Terminology specific to OmniFocus can be found in the AppleScript Editor application by choosing File ‣ Open Dictionary and selecting OmniFocus. Beyond that, and the examples provided at Inside OmniFocus, you’re always welcome to post specific questions here on the forums and someone may be able to give guidance.