Which fonts are actually used

I’d like to know which fonts are actually used in the beta. I see “Approxima Nova” is bundled in the app, but this font has a straight lowercase “L”. The font in my app window has a curled lowercase L, as in Monaco.

OmniFocus 2 uses Approxima Nova. The lowercase L you observe is there because the app also enables some stylistic character alternatives, one of which changes the L from a straight glyph to the curled glyph you see.

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You can see this at work in the note area. The curved “L” does not appear in notes, but it does appear in task titles.


Cool, thanks! I’m a big fan of the curly lowercase L.

As a font fan you may have already deduced this, but Approxima Nova is a slightly hand-tuned variant of Proxima Nova, which we licensed via TypeKit.