Who has an elegant/efficient daily routine to update defer and due dates?

OF3 question

I start every day with a “Morning Routing” perspective that ticks off all of my morning habits and activities.

One of the items on that perspective is to sweep and process my Inbox. Another is to scan my Forecast. In the Forecast perspective, I go through what’s Due Today and what’s Past Due and update due dates. e.g. “Oh I thought I’d get to that today but upon this morning, I realize that was overly ambitious. I’ll change that due date to Thursday when I see on my calendar I have a block of time.”

This requires going item by item in the Forecast view and editing defer and due dates. It’s a lot of clicks and keystrokes.

I’m wondering if anyone has found a better workflow for this activity.

The Date Controls plugins available from the OmniAutomation site will allow you to select multiple items and increment due or defer dates 1 hour, day, week or month at a time. Might be part of a solution?

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I use due dates only for hard (external commitment) deadlines.

For wish today tasks I would use the Forecast tag. It’s like my daily todo list I recreate on some days. Always remembering it‘s really a throw away list. I personally assign the Forecast tag new every day. Hope it’s clear what I meant.

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