Who wants to be teased? (OmniFocus 3 for iOS Test flight preview)

You know you want it. Screen shots and screen recordings here.

Chime in on the discussion. I’m sure I may have missed some changes but here’s what I discovered so far…


No custom reporting though? Still limited to Perspectives only?

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Have they implemented nagging notifications yet?

Great Preview! Thanks for that x

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Sadly, no custom reports and limited to perspectives on the iOS edition. Maybe the Mac version will have reports? Send a feature request to omnifocus@omnigroup.com to upvote for this.

I haven’t gotten around to testing nagging notifications but I will try it soon. It has multiple notifications for defer (start) date, due date, and latest start date (due date/time minus estimated duration). I think I did try it out one night but it was late. I think I did remember a notification triggered every 15-20 minutes until I dismissed it. It didn’t look like the Due app notifications. I liked that implementation where I can tell it to snooze +1 hour or longer. But I think iOS 11 has changed notifications. The Due app used to have unlimited nagging notifications but iOS 11 changed it to 10 notifications before cancelling out.

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Thanks for the update. When did you get your invite email?

Just a few days ago. I took a weekend to go through everything and get screen shots and screen recordings. I probably missed a few things but I’m looking it over.

There is a private OmniFocus 3 Slack channel where people are starting to slowly get the invitation and getting in. Most of your OmniFocus 2 for iOS workflows will remain the same. Just a few things like multiple notifications and tags may change your workflow.

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One question I’ve had for a while now re: Tags replacing Contexts:

If you have a perspective that groups by Tag and a task has multiple Tags, do you see it multiple times? I would expect so, but wondered…

Yes. It appears under both tags.

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Yeah just tried to create a tag. Had a tag named Jack and another tag named Jill. It shows up in both.


At the moment creating a new project from the inbox, then filing that into a folder that will ensure it appears in a perspective, is tortuous. If they can fix that element alone, I’ll be happy.

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Are the OF 3 discussions in the general slack channel or is it a private channel?

It is a private channel. You get the invitation to join when you are finally in the TestFlight. I tried to put everything I could find in the screenshots and screen recordings. The OF3 channel is mostly talking about bugs that have been uncovered.

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Could action groups be collapsed, and could new tasks be created directly in action groups, as in Omnifocus on the Iphone and on the Mac?

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There is no disclosure triangle to allow me to collapse or expand action groups. Creating new tasks is the same as in OF2. You’d have to drag a new task into an existing action or group or use the button to move task into another object. (sigh)

You can send an e-mail to omnifocus@omnigroup.com to up-vote this feature.

Would you mind making Screenshots for the Mac (OF 3) as well? :)

lol… I dunno 'bout that. I wished we could all see the MacOS version but it’s probably still in incubation and hasn’t left the inner sanctums of OmniHQ. I’m sure we’re all signed up for the Mac TestFlight.

The iOS TestFlight is currently running for a few more months still. The iOS TestFlight will most likely influence the MacOS version. When the iOS version is closer to golden release, I’m guessing that the majority of the development team will be focused on the MacOS version shortly thereafter.

I’m afraid that the June WWDC held by Apple might throw some monkey wrenches into that schedule but we’ll see. Past history has shown that developers like Omni will rush out to make sure their apps are compatible with the new iOS and MacOS as well as take advantage of some new features or APIs that will be introduced.

Whether I get in the early Mac TestFlight is up in the air. I’m sure there will be other users that will be putting up screen shots and screen recordings as well. But if you want a hint of what the Mac version looks like, we can guess by looking at the iPad version.


Thanks, @wilsonng. I would have expected The Omni Group to fix this in OF 3. I can’t understand why the solution on the Ipad for action groups should be inferior to the solution on the Iphone. In my opinion, most of the idea with action groups is lost on the Ipad. I sent an e-mail to the Omni Group two years ago (on January 6th, 2016) about it. This is how I described the problem and why it is a problem:

  1. If you move tasks inside another task on the Ipad there is no way to see only that level of tasks. You can only see them indented on the level above, together with all other tasks on that level (much better solution on the Iphone, where action groups are presented the same way as projects).

  2. Neither is there any way to avoid seeing actions in action groups when you are on the level above - to get a better overview -, as you can’t fold action groups the way you can with projects by tapping on the triangle to the left of the project name (much better solution on the Iphone, where the actions in action groups are automatically hidden when you are on the level above, as the Iphone only shows one level at a time).

  3. As you can only show the level above actions in action groups on the Ipad, you can’t create new actions directly in action groups by tapping on the circled plus-button - the actions will be created on the level above. Then you have to open the action, tap on the button ”Move inside another item”, and choose the action group. And all this you have to do for every action you would like to put in the action group (unless there is some technique I’m not aware of)! (Far better solution on the Iphone, where you can create the first action, move it inside another action, and then - as the view changes to the action group level when you move the action there - create as many actions in that action group as you like simply by tapping the circled plus and then ”Save +” for the following actions - the actions will be created directly in the action group.)

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This is one of the things I hope OG addresses post OF3 GM launch. Using machine intelligence to make it fast and easy (perhaps even through a front end wizard interface of some sort) for users to identify and then create priority projects will be the future of many kinds of software. The more friction involved, the less likely it will be used correctly or at all.[quote=“Splinky, post:11, topic:37223, full:true”]
At the moment creating a new project from the inbox, then filing that into a folder that will ensure it appears in a perspective, is tortuous. If they can fix that element alone, I’ll be happy.

With OF2 on iOS it displays the project name in small text underneath each task.
With OF3 test flight, is it possible to show the context/tag instead?