Why are active items getting archived?

See pic attached. It appears that I have some active items getting archived. (These items have a reveal triangle before them, but nothing inside (at least in the archive).) Am I missing something? I thought only completed or dropped items before a given date would be archived.


If an item has a disclosure triangle but doesn’t look like it has any contents, it’s probably an action group with completed children. In the default view settings, completed items are hidden, so you won’t see them under the group — but it’d be inaccurate for OmniFocus to archive these items without their containing group.

To reconcile these two states, OmniFocus makes a copy of the group from your main database in your archive, then moves all the completed children into the archive. You don’t need to worry — the group still exists in your primary database for you to see and edit, and when you do eventually check it off, then OmniFocus will move it to the archive as usual.

Hope that helps explain! You’re always welcome to ping our support team for more details if you like.

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That explains it! I figured there was something I was missing. Thanks!