Why aren't the forums a primary communication channel with Omni?

We have posted our comments here so we don’t have to email direct. Is this not the whole purpose of social media web2.0? If OmniGroup don’t want to work with customers to improve their product fine but they will just lose market share and customers.

This forum is primarily for discussion among folks who use Omni apps (or are thinking of using them). We try to participate as we have time, but our primary support channels of phone and email have full time staff and target response times of approximately one business day.

  1. Social media isn’t a substitute for support, which needs some formality in prioritisation and response management. Social media’s an adjunct - it allows user discussion (as per Lizard’s reply) and a less formal way of finding out what issues people have and what solutions they might prefer.
  2. The jump from “we have posted our comments here” to “OmniGroup don’t want to work with their customers” is ridiculously illogical and downright offensive.

I have no connection with Omni, other than as a moderately satisfied (and sometimes frustrated) customer, but I absolutely loathe this attitude that says “Company X isn’t doing what I want, so Company X doesn’t listen to its customers”


“Ridiculously illogical” is when the CEO provides detailed feedback to specific customer requests on the forum then concludes with, “But if this is something you’re interested in, please do let us know! The best way to do this is to send email to omnifocus@omnigroup.com.”

Ummm hello you are the CEO and you just directly addressed the issue. How about YOU send email to your own staff, and point them in the right direction one way or the other, instead of putting the onus on customers to essentially start all over again without any further context or even a connection to the first response which was already provided.