Why can't I use OmniFocus 2.1 on OS 10.9/Mavericks?

Hi there,

unless there are technical reasons not communicated yet I don’t understand why Omni requires OS X 10.10 for OF 2.1.

Changing system requirements with a point release? Why?

Slightly disappointed:


PS: Why worry? Yosemite is not for non-retina displays - that’s what my eyes say about the “stunning” Neue Helvetica on my on 2012MacBook Air.

PPS: When will OF2 be “pimped” to look and behave like a desktop app? Font control, to say the least …

PPPS: Yes, it’s all about trust …


Terrible font choices aside, I don’t touch OS X versions before .3 and we are not even at .2 yet.

Is the new system requirement official yet? Or is it possible that this is a temporary regression in the beta channel?

Someone asked the question in the Beta topic - no answer from Omni …

But if you read the thread starting post closely “working on a Yosemite update” you could probably guess that 2.1 will only work on Yosemite.

That’s my fear and that’s why I wrote this. Hope someone will prove me wrong!


I’ve tested the latex OF2.1 build on 10.9.5
result:= 10.10 or higher and EXIT …
And I don’t believe they only need 10.10 for the beta-version, make no sense.
I’ve an MacPro (2009), MBP17 (2010) and MBA13(2011). -> Mavericks works great, but Yosemite make no fun there (Graphic and RAM).
If OmniGroup drop 10.9 I must change my GTD-Tool, unfortunately !

:-) tpau17

guys… I think venting off here about a beta release is really bad style… The Omni betas have a history of being limited to the newest iteration…

In my opinion it’s nonsense to talk about trust issues concerning betas- they are officially marked as test releases for a reason.

Concerning font choices, why not pick any other of the competitors then? Oh, they don’t offer any font choices as well? As important a font might be for the looks of your tasks, it seems to come secondary when you try to get things done… Reducing choices is now the trend to help us focus, you see that in many other apps…

I am not saying that I like this trend towards limitation (I enjoy fiddling with style when I am procrastinating!) but it’s something that is quite popular these days…


Agreed - but they did the change to “Yosemite-only” from OmniGraffle 6.0 to 6.1 - and they didn’t answer the question of the poster in the Beta thread.

As a developer, you can answer this question!

So I think they’ll try … did you ever read about an app requiring Windows 8.1 and not working on Windows 8? Even one working only on Windows 8 and not on Windows 7?

And here you have it straight from the horse’s mouth - just took a 2nd look at the 2.1 beta release notes:

Welcome to OmniFocus 2.1
OmniFocus 2.1 is the first of several planned OmniFocus releases in 2015. It features a new look and new features for OS X Yosemite, as well as a few bug fixes. The file format and syncing remain compatible with all previous versions of OmniFocus, on Mac and iOS. OmniFocus 2.1 requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.

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It’s a pity that no Omni human replied to this yet.

Trust is about decades, not quarters.

I heavily invested in OF - OSX, iPad, iPhone - perhaps new users will only have to pay once - the 3 versions will sooner or later only do what the iPhone can do - so that no “serendipity” can take place if a user changes his or her device.

Maybe the “things to get done” for Omni ist to make an app more vibrant and support a Today widget on OS X - mine are different, and f. e. “Business Hours”, w/o that location-based context are practically useless, are not supported a year or so. What data model is this that a feature like hours takes ages to implement? Omni-Ken said that he wished this feature, too. So what? He has to roll out iOS releases for all the other Omni apps, make Omniplan vibrant and add Today widget support for Omni Outliner …

To sum up: I’m DEEPLY disappointed - OF and Scrivener caused me to make the switch from Win to Mac - and consider alternatives:

  • TaskPaper (was part of a bundle, just re-activated it)

  • Org-Mode for Emacs - THAT will last 21st century - and they have a free iOS / Android app! - if you search “omnifocus org mode” in Google you’ll find others … and some prominent ones …

I will not rely on a program that changes the system requirements in a point release - there is NO technical reason to do so.

Even Apple provides updates for f. e. iTunes on Mavericks - and there IS NO RETINA MB AIR yet, so there are LOT of people using hardware not ready for Yosemite.

Is it coincidental that I didn’t hear anything by Merlin Mann about OF recently and that even DA himself doesn’t use it on a regular basis?

YMMV, of course …

Oh dear, sometimes reality is worse than one could possibly expect - about trust, buying an iPhone app called OF for iPhone, buying the OF2 app for iPhone, and now - quoting Ken from Omni:

Customers who want to upgrade from the iPhone app to the Universal one can simply pay the difference in the prices by taking advantage of a $20 Complete My Bundle option we’ll make available. Of course, we’ll continue to update OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, but Pro features such as custom perspectives will only be available in the Universal app.

Just read this closely word for word - I think I’m done with Omni for the moment - would you visit a dentist who is said to be a good businessman?

Yes, OmniFocus 2.1 will require OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
The forums are not our primary communication channel, so much as a place for our customers to communicate with one another; we participate here as we have time. If you’d like to get a timely response from us, please email or call our Support Humans.

Incredible… They dare charging real money for improving the software… I wonder how long they will survive without offering everything for free… Pun intended


May I ask you why you can’t (or won’t) upgrade OS X to Yosemite?
It’s free, and it has absolutely no hard dependency on a retina screen. It’s working for me perfectly.

So, let’s see:

  • First I bought OF for iPhone 1: $20
  • Then my MB Air arrived and with it I bought OF 1: $80
  • After getting an iPad, you guessed it: OF for iPad 1: $40
  • Then there was the OF iPhone 2 update: another $20
  • And then came the OF iPad 2 update: another $30

That’s $190 for a desktop app and 2 iOS apps.

What other iOS app did you buy that cost $40 on iPhone and $70 on iPad? What other iOS app did you buy that even cost more than $9.99? What other app do you know that is more expensive after changing to the Universal app?

Scrivener is $45, not $80 …

C’mon, they show up with new “Pro” editions (cut out some features everyone needs as Perspectives) and then make you to “update”. That’s also belonging to “trust” …

It’s to blurred for my 50+ year old eyes, if I reduce transparency and enhance contrast it looks as if someone draw all the UI elements with a black fine-liner.

I have WiFi problems even with 10.10.2.

I rely on an app called iDisplay that enhances your MB Air screen to an iPad - no longer working on Yosemite.

It’s not that I didn’t want Yosemite - I even was in the Public Beta group - but it’s not (yet - hope dies last :-) reasonable for my hardware setting.

Hi lizard,

thanks for clarifying the system requirements: OF 2.1 = Yosemite only.

Can you technically explain why?

So you say that in the course of five years you invested 190$ in your productivity and oversight? That’s actually a good deal, if you ask me!

You have two options:

  • stick to the version that still works with your setup. It even makes sense, since you’re not willing to shell out additional money for new hardware (which I can perfectly sympathize with), why invest in software even more?
  • upgrade bohey! Shell out some money, get a neat MB Pro, enjoy the smaller footprint and the retina graphics, get the actual version of OF interplay with yosemite nicely- and you’re all set!

What is the point in having a mixture of these two and complain afterwards? You have been around on this blue orb for a considerably longer time than me and surely have learned the rules by now- why even start to complain? There’s nothing to say against a good feature suggestion but you are pulling stuff into the emotional corner with your “trust issues”… There is a reason why you can download a trial for OF2 before you buy and there are a lot of alternatives around…


It was 3 years, but … OK.

What I can’t understand is to change System Requirements in a point realease just for the fun of it, just to push people to the last OS version, just to follow Apple’s pace, just for … whatever.

If there is a technical reason for this: OK. If not, this decision reduces my trust in Omni. It’s that simple.

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paying $190 is cheap. I received more than $190 worth of return with the boost that the three OmniFocus 2 apps gave me.

You have very right to feel that you didn’t get $190 worth of value. But don’t assume that others didn’t get their $190 worth of value.

If you’re talking about $9.99 apps, please don’t confuse OmniFocus 2 with candy crush saga or angry birds. Besides there are hidden fees in the form of in-app purchases. Some programs like Wunderlist, Evernote or instapaper have an annual or monthly service fee for what amounts to “pro” features. You’re not gonna get annual or monthly service charges for using OmniFocus 2.

todoist - free. premium upgrade for $28.99

Evernote - free. in-app purchase for $49.99 annual plans

Instapaper - free. in-app purchase for $29.99 annual plan

Wunderlist -free. in-app purchase for $49.99 annual plan

Pocket informant- free. in-app purchase of $14.99 for premium features plus $14.99 annual informant sync plan

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I believe there was technical reasons. During the beta test stage, there were some legacy programming libraries provided by Apple that didn’t play well in OmniFocus 2. Omni had the choice of developing OmniFocus to support previous Mac OS X. Or they could do something else. They could develop for Yosemite with an eye towards the future. The new code will be based on a new foundation that is easier to support and maintain for Yosemite and beyond.

I remembered that the screen redraws were horrible during the early beta versions. This was due to some bugs in Apple’s own SDK that was used to support older Mac os x. Omni had to switch to something that was a Yosemite only feature.

I think you might find that in a post from the early days of this forum or from the older forum.

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New APIs come, and old APIs go. Supporting multiple OS versions is more work, and it’s more cost to Omni, and it slows down how quickly they can improve their product.

Presumably Omni is aware of the opportunity costs: OmniFocus 1.x supported OS X 10.4 though 10.8 at one point. LOTS of versions. And it wasn’t improved quickly at all; it moved at a turtle’s pace. Whether this was because it was more work to support all those legacy OS versions, or whether it was because Omni had most of their folks working on other products (iOS versions or separate Omni products), only the know, but presumably they’re aware of the tradeoffs.

I also suspect with the changes they’re making in the iOS versions and the fact that sync was so historically slow, that they may be adopting new technologies that ONLY exist for them to use in Yosemite. I hope so, if it will improve sync speed and reliability.