Why do tasks not inherit color from their Group?

I like to color code different parts in my project for better clarity. I would expect that a new task would have the same color as the group it belongs to, but it doesn’t.

Do I really have to change the color individually for every new task I create? I know there is the option to put styles on F1, F2, F3…etc and then assign it to each task, but this still means that I need to press an extra button to do this AND remember which key had which style.

If I go through the trouble of assigning a group color I probably want the whole group to have that color and not only the group container. It would be much easier for the user if there was one shortcut for reverting a task to the documents default color instead of having to constantly apply a style with every new task. At least give us a preference to decide the default behaviour please.

Picture : New tasks created in a yellow group are blue because tasks don’t inherit color

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I do find this annoying/irritating.

@marek This is not functionality currently offered by OmniPlan, sorry! I’ve added your interest (and @revstu’s!) to our open feature request for group styling in OmniPlan.

surprised to hear that but thanks for putting it on the list!

@ains that is great! Thank you so much!

I would like to see this functionality as well. Inheriting group color would save loads of time.

@mcescher I’ve added your interest to our feature request as well! (Although I should note that emailing our Support team directly is the best way to make sure your feedback is tracked in our development database - I try my best to add feedback shared in our forums, but I definitely miss posts from time to time.)

This seems to still be a problem… any resolution?

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