Why do we still have an inspector?

After all these years why can’t we edit a task without having to refer to an inspector? I’m looking for a good reason Omnigroup hasn’t come up with a better way. Look at how Todoist handles it. A dialog pops up with the task and all you need to edit it. Omnifocus still has the little tiny calendar over on the right and the date and time picker.

The inspector is my favorite feature in the whole app. When altering a single item it’s fine, but when editing multiple disparate items, it’s genius. Especially when updating dates.


In OmniFocus 4, you can customize your editing fields for the outline to include due dates, defer dates, repeats, etc., so that you rarely need to use the Inspector. Open View Options, then decide which fields you’d like to see when you tap on an item.

We experimented with getting rid of it altogether, but decided it’s very useful for quickly browsing hidden fields across many items and for batch editing.


I think that is a very good call - I don’t use it often but when I do it is powerful and flexible.

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Okay, I can see the advantages of that. Thanks for the replies

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