Why does deleting a single line delete my entire diagram?

temp.graffle (6.7 KB) deleting the last line deletes my last image, Why is this???

Not sure what you are seeing. I was able to delete each of the items until all were gone. Did not get an unexpected behavior.

Can you list steps you are doing and what you see?

I selected the last item, deleted it and the entire diagram was gone.

(sorry, got busy on a drawing)

So you deleted all the items (I see six lines on Layer 1) from the drawing and the diagram was gone?

What should it do? No items, no diagram. Not following.

No, I believe @trickyness is saying that if the last line (of the six) in the diagram is selected and deleted, then the entire diagram is also deleted.

You can see here that if I delete the last line at the bottom of the list, the entire diagram goes away. In contrast to if I start deleting lines one by one from the top of the list, in which case only the individual lines are removed.

Okay. Now I understand. An it also seems the last three lines do weird things with the diagram.

Selecting and deleting:
6: deletes all lines
5: deletes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
4: deletes 1, 2 and 4
3: deletes only line
2: deletes only line
1: deletes only line

Even tried rearranging (reordering lines and got same behavior).

This should probably go to tech support so they can check what is happening.

@lanettetest This is more than just a technique issue.