Why does it show completed tasks in this perspective?

Thanks for your help!

Because whether an item is completed is reflected in its “Availability” status, which can be any one of “available”, “first available”, “remaining”, “dropped” or (the one you’re interested in) “completed”. The Availability status is orthogonal to any of the filters you have set: you can have a flagged, due soon, tagged “current” task that also happens to be completed. You should consider adding an “availability is/is not” filter if you don’t want completed tasks to appear in this perspective.

Hope that makes sense?

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Thinking about this a bit more you might want to exclude both “completed” and “dropped” tasks in which case the rule will be

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Thank you sir. The only option I see is “Matches…” All, Any, and None. If I do the None, won’t I lose the ability to say what it should match?

Here’s the full set of filters for my own customised Today perspective

So for me “Today” = flagged AND (neither dropped nor completed)

As the hint states top right, you create the nested filter group by option (or alt) -clicking on a “+” sign. You just have to think carefully through the logic of your “any”, “alls” and “nones” to make sure the filters are giving you what you intended: it’s easy for example to think you’ve specified “none of the following” when in fact you’ve specified “not A OR not B”

Oh wow, how did I miss that! Thank you!

You’re welcome