Why does only Export to Word HTML assign heading styles?

Export to Word HTML thankfully assigns Word heading styles. That is, the first level of the outline becomes a Heading 1 style, the second level becomes a Heading 2 style, etc.

This is wonderful, except that it would be make sense to have terminal levels assigned to Normal.

Export to Word Outline and Indented does set the outline level, but these headings are still assigned a normal style.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but I would hope a future release would have a DocX export that assigned heading levels, but assigned terminal levels to Normal.

Here’s how I do a conversion to Word: Hopefully the following will be helpful to someone, or if there’s a better way, might invoke a response:

  • Save the outline as Word html (.dochtml)
  • Open the .dochtml file in Word
  • Select all and copy to clipboard
  • Create a new word document using the template I desire.
  • Select all and Paste
  • Go through and change the terminal text to Normal
  • Save as a regular .docx

Sorry for the late reply. It sounds like you aren’t setting level styles in the OmniOutliner document, is that correct? The docx exports will convert level styles to heading styles but if you don’t set any, then it will all be considered Normal text. Depending on your structure, this gives you exactly what you’re asking for, any levels that don’t have a style defined will be considered Normal text and the ones that do will be headings. If this isn’t working as described, please email in a sample OmniOutliner document so we can see what’s happening.