Why doesn't Omni publish their issue tracking system?

Why does not Omni publish their issue tracking system?
(maybe Jira, Youtrack, Redmine, Trac or someone else)

Tried before and failed??

I think it will be a right place to connect Omni’s “should” and users’ “need”.

Here are maybe a few reasons:


Most likely totally and completely unrelated to your question 🤣


He was in here😏

I understand and completely agree almost of the article.
But I think probably developing open source software has same problems as he mentioned as the reason why shouldn’t publish ITS with commercial software development.

Maybe “how to use” is important.

I just think it would be helpful to give users’ consent that ITS would show users that how many cases to fix, which case is on the way, or so.

I want to more deeply express but I cannot.
I’m not native man so this is my limit with dictionary…😭

Post and email feature requests, but don’t complain how long it takes or assume your pet feature must be their priority.

And this is why a public issue tracker is important. I have no way of knowing if my “pet feature” is really only important to me, or 3000 other people also want it but they sent their messages via email to Omni support.

Compare this: https://trello.com/b/z0HxDPNo/dynalist-roadmap to what we have now with OmniFocus

This is one of the reasons why I’m so frustrated with OmniFocus at the moment. I have no idea if my “pet feature” is in progress, planned, or someone decided that it just won’t be done. If I knew that OmniFocus folks work on feature A at the moment because 40 other people complain that it’s missing, I would have much easier time just waiting for my turn.

Right now, sending a feature request to Omni feels like throwing a mail into a mailbox with no collection time specified.

The analogy suggests Omnigroup is doing contract work for you. I’m sure they would, if you offered enough money, but that’s not the relationship now. The “postage” would cost millions of dollars, probably. As it stands they don’t owe you any new features not already promised or explanations of their business plans. They owe you promised support, bug fixes, and maintenance of sync servers if you’re using them. Yes, there’s often an implied transparency in the software industry, but it varies from company to company depending on their business needs and the personalities of the management. I’d like to know more about their roadmap, but they don’t seem to be that much more secretive than average.


We don’t publish customer requests because we don’t want to bias our feedback sample based on early feedback. We don’t need people to read other people’s feedback and chime in and say “Oh, that’s a good idea!” We want to independently hear about what is affecting each person in their own workflow.