Why is an item which was deferred until today not showing up in this Today perspective?

My ‘Today’ Perspective (OF 3.2 on 10.14.2) has these settings:

Yet ‘Today’ is missing Items.

Not everything Deferred until today (2019-01-18) shows up.

This is my Forecast Perspective showing the item which is missing with its parameters:

Where am I going wrong, please?


That “next batch” action wouldn’t be covered by the Availability: Available rule. Is it part of a sequential project or an on hold tag?

Josh, thanks for making sense of my ‘proprietary’ wording!

Yes, ‘next batch…’ is part of a Sequential project. Active. Not On Hold. But definitely Sequential.

I tried changing the Project to SAL; but it made no difference.

I guess my question is: because I really want the Project organized that way (though I would be happy with SAL), which settings in the (Today) Perspective will bring it (and others like it) in, please… I’ve experimented extensively, but without success, please?

Hmm. I’m kind of curious what your Literature project looks like. I would think that changing it to a SAL or Parallel project would fix the availability issue, but there’s maybe there’s something else blocking it.

That said, if you want your Today perspective to include select actions that are not yet available while keeping most unavailable actions out of it, a good way to do that would be to use flags or a tag specifically for this purpose to mark those actions for inclusion. All you would have to do is move the Availability: Available rule to an Any group along with Status: Flagged or Tagged with: ...

Thanks again, Josh: you were right to be skeptical!

When I relaunched OF 3, the item in question was immediately visible in Today.

And thanks to you, I now both know why - and why it wasn’t before, nor should have been.

I wonder if it is only me who’s noticed some lag in updating (such changes) in version 3.x?

When - in the Perspective View, for instance - I manually change one or more items’ Defer and/or Due dates, the dates don’t update. Even after brushing with the ‘Move all items to where they belong’. Perhaps this was what was happening here?

The upshot, though, is that I now have the Today Perspective behaving as it should; and have noted your Flags suggestion.

Thanks again :-) .

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