Why is calendar sync extremely slow?

I’m curious.

I finally managed to see my tasks from Omnifocus in my iOS calendar.
I couldn’t
T figure out why it didn’t work.

But than I solved it. Just when I started typing an email to Omnifocus customer service I checked again. And there they were.

I just had to wait 10, 15, 30 or so MINUTES(!) before they appeared in my iOS calendar.

That is not normal I hope? I’ve read something about location and large databases. I’m not close so lets say it takes 1-5 seconds ( which is an absurdly long time) to travel to the omniserver in the US and back. My database is almost new. Just a few test tasks.

Come on OmniFocus, this is not normal. Please tell me that I’m doing something wrong. Especially for a premium account with a premium application.

Somehow the sync is much faster now. Still slow but it syncs within less then a minute now.