Why is searching so hard?

I must be missing something. I’ve been using OF for years, and I have a perspective setup for “Absolutely Everything.” Because unless I’m in that perspective, then using the search bar and indicating “Search Everything” does not, in fact, “Search Everything.” It only searches where I’m at. Are there tips for properly searching in OF and will OF ever have a more robust, natural search feature?

By design, Search Everything (Edit > Find > Search Everything) searches your entire OmniFocus database, including completed and dropped tasks. Unlike Search Here (Edit > Find > Search Here), it’s not limited to the current outline/perspective.

So to be clear: No matter where I am in OF: If I follow your instructions, I will always get an accurate result (i.e., a list of items or none if they don’t exist)? Because that in fact is not what I experience. See attached: The only search yielding results is the one I perform when I am in a perspective I created that has “Everything.” If I am not in that perspective, I will not get “Search Everything” results.

It shouldn’t be necessary to use your "Everything " perspective. I recommend reaching out to Omni Support for help. They may recommend rebuilding your OmniFocus database.

If you empty the search bar at the top, what does it say? You can use the dropdown on the magnifying glass to set it to “Search Everything”.