Why Omnifocus 3 Pro for Mac not eligible for upgrade discount? [need to register the purchase]

“If you purchased one of our apps from the Mac App Store, you will not receive a license code. Instead, launch the App Store application and install the purchased app from the Purchases section.”

I have had Omnifocus 3 Pro installed sicne it was released. But it says “There are currently no purchases registered to your Omni Account that qualify for an upgrade discount.” and “No upgrades available for registered purchases.”

“You do not currently have any registered license keys.” So how have I been using Omnifocus 3 Pro if I don’t have a license key? Oh: “A license key is not issued for Mac App Store purchases, as the apps are registered using the iTunes Apple ID used to purchase the app.”

When I go to Omni Account and see my Omni Details it says License: Product Omnifocus 3 Pro. When I click REGISTER it says "This purchase has been successfully registered to the Omni Account “xxxxxx”

So I don’t get a discount because I bought through the App Store? “Save up to 50% with upgrade discounts” “Upgrade pricing requires registering eligible previous purchases to your Omni Account.”… Why is buying Omnifocus 3 Pro not an eligible previous purchase for discount? What does then?

You can register your App Store purchase of OmniFocus 3 with your Omni Account by opening OmniFocus 3, then signing into your Omni Account. Once registered, you’ll receive the upgrade discount when you sign into the same account, no matter where you purchase.

Here are more details on how to register your OmniFocus 3 purchase with your Omni Account:

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