Why there's no "Add new"in the Today Widget?

Hi there,
why there’s no “Add new” in the iOS-Widget? It would be much easier/faster to add new tasks on the go, if you just need to pull down the notification area of iOS and tab on “New” instead of looking for OmniFocus itself, start and add there.


Yup, that’s a popular feature request. Thanks for the suggestion.

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+1 from me as well - and perhaps also showing last time OF was updated.

FWIW, I’m now using the Launcher app with OF url scheme to accomplish this. For fun, and combined with Workflow, I have multiple flavours of task adds.


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Would you mind sharing your setups? I’m very intrigued.

@BrianC Sure. I use Launcher (upgraded to pro for small icons and to support the dev) and have it in Notification Centre with two OF-related shortcuts:

  1. Firing the omnifocus:///add URL to go right in to task creation
  2. Triggering this workflow in the Workflow app, which basically creates a new Reminder (that integrates to OF) based on two prompted questions to structure a task.

That’s all I have right now. I’d love to be able to set contexts, flags, and dates via URL, like that other thread, which would enable me to create some more robust workflows.

Cheers, hope this is useful.



Still no support for QuickAdd in Today-Widget :(

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It’s still not supported :(