Widgets, please

Looking at all the posted screenshots with Things widgets is killing me.

Even better would be widgets that allow us to launch OF automation from the widget.

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Omni announced on September 16, 2020 that they’re working on adding support for iOS/iPadOS 14 widgets. I look forward to this as well!



They couldn’t come fast enough.

Given the speed of development lately I think we’re in for a wait…

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I agree it would be nice te see Widgets. But if they are limited in the way Widgets are limited for some Apps I also have (like Things 3) they are less useful compared to the old widgets.

For example: You cannot complete, or interact with tasks within the widgets from Things, when you click the widget you will get redirected to the app itself where you can complete a task. According to te makers of Things 3 this is because of Apple limitations for widgets at this moment. I like the stacking of widgets.

The philosophy behind widgets is they should be information rich, and interaction poor.
For OF that could mean putting in a Today Widget, a Forecast widget, perspective widgets anything basically that’s in the left column should be able to show meaningful information in a widget.
I would have expected from a company like Omni they’d at least have that out of the gates. But unfortunately no.

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A widget that shows me stuff I can (or need to) do when I’m mobile would be nice. Or items based on location/context.

I, too, would like widgets but considering we’ve not had them before we can wait for a good implementation.

I would also suggest exploring Scriptable or Shortcuts widgets as a launch pad for Omnifocus.

Um… yeah… it sounds nice to have them but I still love my Today screen. The Today screen has more interactivity and I can swipe down from inside any app. Otherwise, I’d have to get out of whatever app to look at a widget and then pop back into the app I just left.

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Using the old-style interactive widgets is no longer practical because iOS 14 lumps them all at the bottom of the Today screen, after all the new-style widgets you have added.

I’m looking forward to the new OF widgets, but there’s no big rush. It might even be beneficial that Omni can see what other task or calendar apps have implemented and tweak their own implementation.


It would be very handy to have a widget showing multiple counts of items, for different custom perspectives, along with the perspective names.
This helps having a more clear separation between different planning contexts (e.g. splitting work vs personal tasks)

Also very cool:
forecast heatmap for the next 7 days, with counts and circles like cloudcal.
gantt of today events next to a set of custom counts mirroring those on the watch

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