Will it be possible for me to create a web app?

Hello, I’d like to create a web app for my OmniFocus database. I’ve managed to decrypt my database using DecryptionExample.py and flatten it using rubyfocus, then render it on a page using JavaScript. Before I go further down the rabbit hole (which I’d love to do), I’m aware that there’s a good chance I won’t be able to write any changes back to the database without some major reverse engineering. I wanted to check whether there’s any known way to update the database that I could access from a web app?

The only way I can think of is to essentially have my web app create the XML patches that the database expects, then encrypt the database and push it up to the Omni Sync Server via WebDAV. Some sort of wrapper/abstraction around this would be amazing.

Just checking to make sure you know that this exists:

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Yes, I’m aware, thanks. I’ve had to switch to that while my MacBook is in for repair. I know it’s still a new product and being actively developed, but I’d like to experiment with a few things around the features that are still missing. It’s not open source, so I figured I’d start from scratch.

What are those features? I am not deep into what’s available on the web version but it seems quite full features from the outside.

I’m sure they’re adding features all the time, but at the moment, the key ones that are missing for me are:

  • Nearly all the keyboard shortcuts are missing, and some of the core ones (like tab, shift-tab, arrow keys, enter) work differently than in the desktop client or - in the case of tab - are actually buggy (changing focus to a different action then pressing tab to edit it actually edits the previously focused action)
  • The “focus” feature isn’t implemented yet
  • Setting defer dates in the outliner
  • Marking projects as reviewed
  • Listing actions by group of tags rather than individual tag (which causes them to be listed multiple times)
  • Display settings, like disabling truncating long action names (there are actually only 4 settings in the app at the moment)

By contrast, a ton of really important features are there, and I’m sure the team’s working very hard on the rest. But I happen to be a software developer with some extra time on my hands and motivation to build something. I’d love to know whether there’s any hope of writing to the database safely.

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