Will OF3 support drag-and-drop from Apple Mail?

I am new to this forum and am returning to OF after a brief “defection” to Things 3. One thing I do wonder about is why OF3 does not enable dragging an email from Apple Mail into an OF project, turning it into a task. The explanation OF offers is that Apple’s sandboxing blocks this ability. But Things 3 allows for it, so surely this cannot be an Apple-related issue?
I know I can turn an email into a task by using a shortcut and then giving it a name and clicking on project and assigning it to the right place, but it is a bit more cumbersome than simply dragging and dropping in the right location as Things 3 enables me to do.

So will this feature come to OF?

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OT but ironically this works just fine on ipad in split view (Mail on one side and OF on the other) - a lot of people here complain about the iOS UI but this is an important reason why I prefer it for review.


Where did you learn how to do the Shortcuts method of assigning an email to Omni Focus?

I think this is in the Omnifocus help files. Here, for instance: https://support.omnigroup.com/omnifocus-mail-drop/
I then create a shortcut in my mail program so that all I need to do is ctrl-shift-O and the message will be forwarded to OF. I can assign a project and a due date if so desired in the interface that pops up.
Hope this helps.

I hadn’t ever tried to do this till you asked, and it’s weird it doesn’t work. Here’s how I get mail messages over to OF…

I use Outlook for my work email, so this might be slightly different with Mail, but the principle should still apply.
I set up an automation (I used Microsoft Flow I think, since I’m using an Exchange server, but IFTTT, Zapier, etc. should also be able to do this) so that if I flag a message in Outlook, it automatically forwards that email to my OmniFocus mail drop, and it ends up in my Inbox. This saves the trouble of having to manually forward emails, which I found interrupted the task of clearing my inbox. It’s a lot quicker to just check the little flag when I decide an email requires further action. At the end of the day, I process my OF Inbox, and assign the emails to projects, due dates, etc. then.

In Apple Mail just got to Services (under Mail) and select “OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox” or use the shortcut ⌥⇧⌘U. (I don’t recall, whether I set it up that way. If so follow the link given by gbuelens.) This will do the trick. As JohnV already mentioned you can use your Omnifocus address ending with @sync.omnigroup.com. I have not used it lately, but earlier you could include the project and the context. I have used this address to create a new contact (also in Outlook on a Windows PC) allowing me to send tasks directly from every machine I use.

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