Wish Forecast would show calendar events at the bottom rather than the top

Now if we could only put the calendar items AT THE BOTTOM like in OF2. OF isn’t a calendar app. It’s nice to be able to see calendar items, but sucks to have to scroll down past a dozen calendar entries to actually see TASKS in a TASK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE…

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I can get a list of tasks in a multitude of different views in OF but I like the ability to toggle the mixed view of tasks and events as it lets me see when I’m going/can to work on something if I’ve given it a specific time but have not blocked it out in my diary as an event.

This allows me not only the WHAT but also the WHEN of my tasks in the CONTEXT of the rest of my time.


I too want to be able to see both tasks and fixed events, but I’m still running OF2 on iPadOS (15, obviously) because I really dislike having the two mixed together. OF(3) doesn’t know what tasks I will work on during work blocks (times I set aside on my calendar in order to work on tasks) or in open time on my calendar. Seeing calendar events means I can refer to them without switching over to my calendar, but in OF3 or 4-beta I have to turn calendar view off rather than see it scrambled together (OF3) or Calendar (scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll) then Tasks like OF4-beta. OF2 had it right: I don’t understand why enabling a useful view is impossible for the past…eight years??

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absolutely agree and I also hate the fact that omnifocus now remove the event from today view when it’s done
I want be able to chose at least if this is possible or not

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