Wish List: Find and Replace

It would be really great if the Find list in OO iPad allowed the standard Find and Replace type selection - not asking for regular expressions and all that, just Find ‘this’ and Replace with ‘that’.

Copy lines and paste them in the document again would also be good whilst I am at it.


Simple ‘Find and Replace’ would be a real productivity boost, but Regular Expressions would be nice too (later)…

I don’t think this has made it into OO3.

Hmm, I wonder if a plugin could provide this?

Here’s some code that that will go a global search and replace of some topic text:

function replace(regexp, replacement){
        item.topic = item.topic.replace(regexp, replacement);

Now I need to find out how to throw up a prompt for the text.

Well here’s a workflow that prompts for a search regular expression and replacement text and fires it at OmniOutliner. It’s pretty fragile, the regexp has to be valid and can’t mess up the JavaScript string variable.

This little piece of script solves my problem. Thanks a ton!