Wish List for OF2

Good point. And, you are right to point out also that moving these things around is one of the many reasons for the habit of daily/weekly reviews. But I prefer my ‘nightly sweeps’ to be focused on selecting the tasks for the coming day, not redefining their contexts based on guessing where I’ll be much less scheduling errands. I have OmniFocus precisely so that I don’t need to worry about such things. I could be general, but something that is only at the fancy-schmancy grocery (organic fudge and a dozen other items that go with it) are distracting available actions that aren’t really and truly available while I’m at Safeway. I stand in the aisle at Safeway with my @grocery context up on my iPhone going wait, is this really here or at another store? This seems trivial for you and I, but I have friends who are chefs and sometimes have grocery lists as long as their arms. I can’t advocate OmniFocus for them if contexts require such daily maintenance.

I appreciate your use case though and it’s lead me to nest some of my contexts. As it stands it seems the best thing to do is to have Groceries : Fancy Schmancy. Then when I’m at Fancy Schmancy I’ll be sure to get everything on that list but if I’m not pressed for time, I’ll hop up to it’s parent context (groceries) and see if there’s anything else I can get while there. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m also stealing your iPhone context. Good one.

I do still hold that the OF database should be structured to allow for flat taggging rather forcing an action to choose a single context, nested or not. And some actions remain incoherent to nest. Maybe red wine can be on the Grocery parent context, but can it also be on the People : Phil context who mentioned he has an extra case I can have? Forced hierarchy takes the simple and makes it complicated.

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Feature Request - Next Occurrence in Defer/Due
I emailed this request.

Today is May 28th. If I type “11” in the due field, I wish OF2 would know that I mean the next occurrence of 11 which is June 11th versus choosing an overdue May 11th.


More granular control of Notifications : Highlight Perspectives

It’s nice to be able to Flag unavailable (deferred) tasks. This is especially powerful for recurring projects that – once started-- should be seen through to their completion. But Highlight Perspectives will show up as highlighted regardless of whether the there are available tasks or not. If these highlighted tasks are recurring this effectively breaks Highlight Perspectives functionality.


In the example you can see that my Laundry project, once completed, will become available again five days later. I may start it then or I may not, but if I check Start Laundry then I want Hang Laundry and Fold Laundry to automatically show up in my flagged list.

This works great already, but since these tasks always exist to be done, even deferred into the future, my Flags perspective always glows orange which makes the notification pointless.

A radio button of Available / Remaining next to Preferences : Notification : Highlight Perspectives : Flagged could fix this.