Wish List for OF2

Bearing in mind that OF2.0 is going to land in the App Store imminently and that the latest build is going to be what we will see on launch, I wonder if anyone else has a wish list for improvements in future releases? Mine would be the following:

  • Add a proper “Today” option in the Due Soon feature
  • Option to sort all new tasks by Due or Defer dates (to be set in Preferences)
  • In Forecast view, deferred items with today’s due date are suppressed in the deferred section
  • Global Search from the search field (or like in OF2 for iPhone with option to search everything)
  • Badge counter for Inbox items (right now, cannot see if there is anything in the Inbox without clicking on it).

It would be interesting to hear what you all may have to add to this list.


There will be some perspectives that I don’t want sorted by defer or due dates. I set my sorts with the View options for each of my perspectives.

I created a today perspective that sorts out with my view settings.

Project Hierarchy

Don’t user project hierarchy


Group actions by: Context
Sort actions by: Due


Filter by status: Any Status (or “Due or Flagged”)
Filter by availability: Available
Filter by duration: Any Duration
Filter contexts: Active

I do like the badge counter for inbox items. Hopefully version 2.0.1 will fix that!

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I like the last one. It would be nice to have that show up in the Inbox perspective icon in the sidebar.

If there’s anything in your inbox, then there will be a grey border down the left of the Inbox tab. Similarly if there are due items in Forecast there is a red border and an Orange one on Review if there are items due for review.

Never noticed that. Very subtle.

Maybe a tad too subtle.

I too have a similar perspective to filter out Today’s action list, and there is no real necessity for sorting as perspectives take care of that. It is more of an visual and organisational thing. I am a little OCD and prefer to have my lists in some kind of date order (just as in 2Do and Appigo’s Todo).

Wow! That is true … just tested it. It is way too subtle as I saw the red and orange borders, just not this grey one. Maybe it needs to be more obvious. Thanks for the tip!

Wow, claw73 has listed the exact same high priority wish items that I have (except for sorting new tasks by due/deferred). I’d add that there should be some effort to make the views consistent/sensible (e.g., when grouping by project, why list project instead of context for each task?).

Thanks for starting this conversation - looking forward to hearing what items are on people’s wish lists.

Here are mine:

  • In Forecast view, deferred items with today’s due date are suppressed in the deferred section [I definitely support this one - thanks for mentioning it claw73]
  • Enable users to pin the Forecast calendar to any perspective so you can quickly assign tasks to days (either as ‘due’ or ‘deferred’ items)
  • Explore improvements to the Forecast view to make it more useful for day/week planning. Currently the view is helpful to see what items are coming due on your calendar, but its not particularly helpful to work from as a ‘Today’ perspective unless you use due or deferred dates to pin tasks to days. For example, consider the addition of another parameter (in addition to due and deferred dates) that would enable people to assign tasks to days for the purposes of planning a work day/week, without needing to define these as ‘due’ (since you plan to work on them on those days, but they aren’t actually due). ‘Deferred’ can be used for this purpose, but then you have problems in other perspectives if you are using deferred for its intended purpose

I think this is a great topic, but I need to post the obligatory reminder that making a request on the forums is not guaranteed to communicate the request to Omni staff and get it in the development database. We spend as much time here as we’re able, but especially once the support tickets really start rolling in, that time is likely to be more limited than it was earlier in the test.

tldr: if you want to be sure that Omni staff see your feature request, email it to us via the help menu in the app.

Particularly once these forums replace the vBulletin ones we used previously - which is happening later this week - I expect a wave of new community members to sign up; they’ll need a certain amount of coaching on this point. It would be greatly appreciated if more experienced members of the community gently pointed the new folks in the right direction. Thanks. :-)

I actually peter this bar versus a badge counter to make the interface cleaner. However, a toggle option for a counter would be nice if people want that instead.

@Brian I completely understand, but I would also encourage Wish Lists like this thread amongst the community as sort of an advertisement for feature requests to get more of those individual emails rolling in.

Sometimes, I may email a feature request and have no idea if people are thinking along the same lines, so I’ll post on the forums to advertise the feature request to see if more people agree, so he/she will send in an individual request.


I quite agree - the bar does the job now that I am aware of it, so a counter is not that necessary. It does however need to be more obvious so that it jumps out - what about a nice bright blue or green?

Brian, thanks for pointing this out. You will be getting an email from me with this list and more!

Go look at this thread and try out this clever, little bookmarklet that @derekr cooked up: Add it to your browser’s toolbar or favourite bar, select some text (usually your request in the forum thread) and then click on the javascript to shoot off a CC: to OmniFocus.

Oh, I absolutely agree! If my post came across as trying to shut the thread down, I apologize. Threads like this are great - I just feel bad for the folks who only post their idea here. We make efforts to capture ideas wherever they get posted, but email is still by far the most reliable way of communicating those ideas to us. That’s all I meant to say. :-)


We need a dedicated OmniRequest voting chart! I won’t email this one. :)

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Context and Project as ‘Tags’ not ‘Folders’ (namely letting an action pertain to both more than one context and more than one action)

If this has been posted else where I apologize for the repeat but I’m sad to see this functionality is not in the final build of OF2.

As it is, only a single context and only a single project can be assigned to an action. (Or we might say an action can only be assigned to a single project and context). Either way this is limiting. For example: let’s say I’m building a guesthouse which exists as a folder in Omnifocus projects because there are myriad small projects that go into this. Two of these projects are “hang drywall” and “install countertops.” Both of them require a proper level which I don’t own. ‘Buy level’ therefore belongs in the sequential-type project list of both of these. I could put ‘Buy Level’ twice in each of them, but what if I do the projects months apart and forget I own a level and buy it twice. This seems silly that I would forget, but Omnifocus is supposed to make it so I don’t have to remember such things.

If I could assign "buy level’ to both projects while still dragging it around within those projects I would be golden. If I’m working on the drywall first and buy the level it gets automagically checked off in my countertops project without my need to even enter that project. But what if I delete ‘buy level’ from my drywall project as my contractor has brought one with him? Then Omnifocus should ask me: “Do you wish to also eliminate this action from the following other projects, or simply decouple and delete it from this one?”

Secondly, contexts. What is the context for buying a level? The hardware store, obviously, but what if I’ve got a Home Depot context and a Lowe’s context. Again, I could add buy level to both of those contexts but then if I forget I might buy it twice, and even if I remember, then I have useless extraneous junk-actions in my system. I should be able to assign all of the possible contexts to this item. If I happen to be at Home Depot and buy the level, it also disappears from my Lowe’s context as well. This is very simple database functionality. I realize this way of Tagging things goes beyond the GTD specs that David Allen lays out, but projects and contexts as tags just makes inherent sense. An action should be available in multiple contexts, especially things for purchase. It should also be available to multiple projects. There are many many projects that share requisite actions.


One approach would be to group both of these contexts underneath a “Hardware Store” parent context. When you do your morning review and start planning out your trip to the hardware store, you’ll know which one(s) you’re going to go to, and can move it into the more specific context if you so choose.

Personally, I don’t find hyper-specific contexts all that useful, especially for shopping list type tasks. I create all my grocery list items in a Groceries project whose default context is Grocery Store. I re-assign tasks to specialty contexts if I know I can only get them there (for example, Liquor Store or my local fancy-schmancy grocer). I have a perspective called Grocery Run that only shows Flagged tasks that are assigned to the Grocery Store parent context. That perspective is starred on my iPhone so I can quickly pull it up when I get to the store.

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