Wish list:"Typewriter" mode

Hello. Using latest OO 4 Pro.

One feature that I love in Circus Ponies Notebook and would love to have in OO is something called Typewriter mode. It moves the line of text you’re working on to the middle of the page, so that you’re not always typing at the bottom of the screen and have lots of lines above that you don’t need to reference. I usually fake this by making the window shorter, but it’s a hack at best.



i’d never thought of this, but i like the way it works in other apps such as WriteRoom or ia writer. it would be very cool to have this in OO full screen mode.

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Second this.

me too, a typewriter mode would be great!

There should be more promotion of this feature. I use typewriter mode on every app that offers it, and OmniOutliner is a perfect candidate for this feature.

If you use OmniOutliner to take notes in class, for interviews, etc., or if you draft in one sitting an outline of any significant length, you end up staring at the bottom of the screen almost the whole time.

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If you’d like to see a ‘typewriter mode’, please email omnioutliner@omnigroup.com, so we can add your vote!

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I’ve come back to this thread about a year since my last post and about two years since the original post to say, “bump.”

It’s still a drag to have to keep looking at the bottom of the screen while I work or to shorten the window length as a work-around (a work-around that deprives me of the slick full-screen view that OS X offers). Can Omni please give some consideration to a typewriter-scrolling feature?

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OmniOutliner 5 has a “Typewriter Mode” feature. Choose View > Use Typewriter Mode.

Excerpt from the Help documentation:

Typewriter Mode

OmniOutliner keeps your scroll position static when you add a new row to an outline or select a row other than the current one (until you reach the very bottom of the window).

ViewUse Typewriter Mode changes this. When in use, typewriter mode detects when your selection moves above or below the center of the document window, and adjusts the scroll position in response. This keeps the row you select front and center—just like it would on a typewriter.

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