Wishlist: Better support for changing values in text input fields


Would be nice to have better support for changing values in text input fields. Currently if you want to change a text field value (e.g. where you input rounded corner values), you have to move the cursor into the field or double tap the field and type in the new value.

When you work on a MacBook with a touchpad (no mouse) it would be more convenient if I could either:

  1. Select the field and little up/down arrows would show up where I can tap the arrows to change the value. or…
  2. Simply allow dragging up/down in the field (no arrows needed) and by dragging, the values would change. or…
  3. By right clicking/tapping on the field, a context menu would appear where I could select from a few default values appropriate to the field.

This would allow the user to manipulate the text input fields with only one hand using the MacBook’s touchpad and without start typing values into the field. (of course you can alway enter values, too, if you want)

Bonus point, that I can hold an ice cream cone (Snicker bar, Toblerone, M&Ms, insert your fav here, etc) in my other hand and don’t have to use it to enter values in the text input fields :-)