Wishlist: Relative links

I use outlines to record students grades for units against sets of learning criteria. Each stduent gets a grade for up to 14 learnign criteria and these combine for an overall headline grade.

It would be useful to have the grade field in an outline of all students overall grades for each unit linked to a line in each single unit outline.

Having it automatically update in the all grades document would be a real benefit then I could just mark individual outlines and record grades and comments etc and then check the overall document at the end of the semester.
Linking in the same document would be good but linking to another in the same folder on the Omni Sync server would be best.

I wrote:
‘Linking in the same document would be good…’
Then I noticed in the iPad 2.2 announcement:
‘adds support for intra-document row links created in OmniOutliner 4.1 for Mac’
Your user guide doesn’t explain this as far as I am aware. Your help files could be better.

“Copy as Link” is a new Pro feature in version 4.1 (released last week), documented in the built-in Help under the section “Every Single Menu Item and Keyboard Shortcut”. Here is what that built-in help has to say about Copy as Link:

Copy as Link (Pro)

The Copy As Link menu option (new in OmniOutliner v4.1) allows you to create cross-reference links from one row to another within the same OmniOutliner document. Just select some text in one row, choose Edit ▸ Copy As Link and then go to another row in the outline and press Command–V to paste a link to the other row. This is particularly handy when you are working in a long outline where you might need to include references to other parts of the same document. (Links between documents are not supported at this time.)

The link that gets pasted in when you press Command–V references the location in the file of the text you copied, in the form of omnioutliner:///open?row=mLUW8Czar_j, as shown here:

An example of how pasted links appear in an OmniOutliner file.

After pasting the link into another location of the same document, you can select the link and replace it with whatever text you’d like. Another option for changing the link text is to Control–click on the link, and then choose Edit Link from the contextual menu. This opens a popover you can use to edit the Display title, and you can opt whether to display the link URL. When you’ve finished editing the link, click Done.

Use the edit link popover to change the display text for a link

Clicking the link takes you to that location in the document.

(It’s formatted a bit more nicely in the original.)

Hope this helps!

It certainly does and helps me with this feature - much appreciated and thank you very much. I hope that you can introduce the linking between documents feature in the future.

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I’d love to see this, too. I have a lot of omnioutliner files that i’d like to link from omnifocus and easily access to across iOS and macOS without having to search through the finder or apps.